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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

BANGALORE MAJESTIC BUS STAND;target of prostitutes for their business.(INDIA)

In the great city bangalore,there is a big bus stand names MAJESTIC, The city bangalore and the people are in a half western culture.
But a shameful matter is the prostitutes in the majestic bus stand.
They tries their level best for bringing their business to a high and wealthy level.

In the bus stand,there were a lot of travellers from other states and outside india.
Each prostitue is handled by an agent,he is male.
They forces the prostitute ladies for doing some activities for attracting the people.

On the way to the bangalore city railway station,there is an under ground platform as a shortcut to railway station,bus stand and also to the road.
Inside that shortcut,there is a lot of trans genders.
They are also a big disturbance for the people.
They steals money too.

There is a guard inside that underground platform,but no use.
He is always in a half asleep,so the prostitutes and trans genders can easily perform their activities.
If anybody goes to the bangalore city,don't get ashamed of this because itz getting a part in their city life.

(posted this article after a long term observation).
Everybody can check this..
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  1. shameful really and where was the police and why did not take any step ?all waant to see tamasha that's the problem.

    1. The police in majestic area are fully corrupt. Infact they seek postings to majestic area by paying bribes. They do not leave even prostitutes. If not to eke out livelyhood these poor kadies have to sell themselves to feed the pimps and police alike.

  2. @mamta They became a trade mark of bangalore city.
    Police caught some groups but they didn't completely erased all.. Some are still growing.
    When i was in bangalore,everyday i hav 2 go majestic,everyday those ladies stands there and tells about the rate also.. Such a culture less fellows r they..

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